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Lynch & Associates is a well-established boutique financial services firm operating primarily in the bank-owned and corporate-owned life insurance arena. Innovative, enterprising and proactive, Lynch & Associates is constantly repositioning to remain on the cutting edge of financial strategies and solution-oriented services. For more than two decades, we have been singularly focused on delivering optimal bank-owned and corporate-owned life insurance and investment solutions based on the principles of accuracy, transparency and value-added insight.

Building upon a foundation begun in 1958, Lynch & Associates imbues a culture of longevity. We build long-term, personal relationships with each client, providing guidance and analytics while demystifying regulatory requirements and tax law complexities. Our clients are confident putting their faith in us. Some of our clients have been with us for over twenty years, and half our clients have valued the relationship in excess of ten years.

We design, service, and reposition client life insurance assets to weather all economic cycles, outlast successive management teams and the whims of industry fads. Since one does not know how the business environment will change, we apply the same principles and approach throughout the life cycle of the relationship. This long term continuity assures our clients they have made a sound decision by partnering with Lynch & Associates.

Guiding Principles


Lynch & Associates is committed to providing accurate financial assessments, Insurance Portfolio Management services, consultation, and strategic alternatives to its customers. When you trust Lynch & Associates to evaluate and optimize an existing insurance portfolio you are rewarded with a comprehensive assessment, explanation of the associated risks, identification of specific areas for potential improvement, and an executable optimization plan. Beyond that plan, we provide ongoing assessments to ensure that your portfolio continues to perform as forecast, delivering full potential from this important asset.


Lynch & Associates believes clients trust necessitates full transparency. That is why we freely disclose both our fees and the true cost of all transactions. We partner with the best insurance companies, investment managers, and counterparties without bias. This combination of honesty and independence enables us to align our interests with our clients, succeeding as they succeed.


Our team at Lynch & Associates has extensive connections with senior resources in the financial, accounting, legal, regulatory, tax, insurance and capital markets sectors. These relationships are leveraged to monitor emerging trends and issues, stay abreast of changes and garner information. Additionally, these insights enable us to identify new product development opportunities and investment strategy potential, and tailor our strategies and solutions accordingly. Being part of the innovation and evolution of business-owned life insurance products is a critical component of the long term relationship Lynch & Associates offers its customers and the ability to achieve optimal results.


Lynch & Associates is independently owned and operates with a cohesive management team that has been together for over 20 years. Lynch currently manages 80,000 policies placed with over 35 insurance carriers. These policies have $12bn of assets invested with over 30 asset managers and represent $45bn of insurance face amount.

During the 1980s, William J. (Bill) Lynch III, building on the foundation started by his father in 1958, began charting the course for an innovative venture – a business-owned life insurance consultation service that reduced product price, better explained client options and pried open the “black box” of the true cost of insurance.

Since then, Bill has followed his father’s advice, “tell a straight story”. Lynch & Associates has grown into a market leader, representing and earning the trust of many of the world’s most respected corporations, some for over 20 years.

The Lynch & Associates business model is designed to align it with clients having team objectives and putting full force behind the guiding principles of accuracy, transparency and value-added insight. Since the beginning we have enhanced our reputation by assisting clients through extremely tumultuous financial times and modifying our systems and services to adapt and evolve to the ever-changing market.

Our Team

Lynch & Associates is a highly skilled group of life insurance professionals who average over 20 years in business-owned life insurance and executive benefits. They offer extensive experience and unique insight on the insurance carrier side of the business as well, enabling us to achieve the optimal price and terms for our clients while maximizing potential savings by drilling deep into product design, risk management, and investment strategy.

William J. Lynch Founder & CEO
Michael L. Longino President
Christopher C. Stulb
Michael J. Hartnett
Richard J. Coakley
Lori Dehart
John P. Filosi, Jr
Karen Sommers
Michael J. Lynch
Acksonephet Saysana
Tiffany Anning
Stuart J. Clark
Amy Caplan Stern
Alan T. McLean CLU, CHFC
Robin F. Kippenberger
Paula Reeves

Our Advisory Board

Roger H. Brown
Robert Douglas
Richard Pedone
Daniel W. Stanton
Bonnie Tracy


Lynch & Associates provides a range of services to support banks and corporations in the ownership of life insurance assets.

News & Insights

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