Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory compliance is woven into every aspect of Lynch & Associates’ business.

Through its wholly owned broker dealer and insurance agency, the firm must comply with the requirements of the SEC, FINRA and state regulators. These regulators oversee the primary products that Lynch & Associates offers clients to fund and/or hedge their liabilities. With a wholly owned broker dealer, the team working with the clients is the same team assuring the products, business conduct and services are compliant. Areas of compliance for Lynch & Associates include CPA audited financial disclosure product due diligence, communication monitoring, data network security and business continuity planning. Every year since 2011 and 2017, Lynch has obtained an Independent Service Auditor’s SOC 1 and SOC 2 Report  without exception (under SSAE16 / SSAE18 reporting standards).  This achievement is a direct result of our constant and extensive investment over the past decade in our infrastructure, operations, information technology, network configuration, encryption and overall data security.

This compliance regimen carries over to our work with clients to meet their needs to comply with their regulators and auditors. For banks, this means compliance with the regulations laid out for Pre and Post BOLI Purchases (i.e. Interagency Bulletin 2004-56), annual program reviews, and Basel III capital risk assessments. Board presentations and audits. For utilities, Lynch & Associates helps clients comply with their rate setting commissions. For all companies, this compliance applies to their internal and external auditors, their boards, risk management executives and ultimately, their public filings.

Lynch & Associates begins its involvement with a pre-purchase analysis (or post-purchase assessment of an existing client portfolio) including plan design, product and service providers, sizing, and risk management parameters. Each client receives an in-depth administration manual delineating the due diligence process, regulatory and corporate compliance, risk monitoring, and monthly reporting parameters. This document serves as the basic manual for the client’s compliance requirements and is supplemented with an in-depth annual review and update.

Please visit our News and Insights page for an in depth view of regulatory compliance.

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